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Check back regularly to see if these events are still on. Covid19 impacts could see events cancelled at short notice.

NZKA Annual Workshop Labour Weekend at Ohakune. Most attendees are making a PLK kitset dolphin. Contact Anne Whitehead for further information.

Napier Kite Weekend Sunday 20th November is the public day at Anderson park with the radio station. Ian has a new venue with plenty of unimpeded space for the 18th & 19th. Please register with Ian Russell, so that he can pass on location and access instructions for this members only fly.

New Year Kite Day at Chateau 2023 will be our last event at the Chateau as it is becoming harder to get fliers to commit to the event. So after 18 years, 2023 will be the final New Year's Day event. Jan 1st will again be hosted by Project Tongariro. We are awaiting permission for a member's free fly on the Chateau golf course on Jan 2nd. NZKA members also have permission for a free fly at Ohakune Primary School on January 3rd.

Nelson Kite Festival Confirmed for weekend of 21st & 22nd January 2023.

Wakanui Beach members free fly Confirmed for Saturday 28th January 2023.

Lake Hood Kite Day Confirmed for Sunday 29th January 2023.

Brighton Beach Kite Day Saturday 4th February 2023, south of Brighton Pier.

Rolleston Kite Day at Fraser Park Sunday 5th February 2023 from 1pm to 4pm.

Timaru Kite Day at Caroline Bay Monday 6th February 2023.

Eltham Lions Kite Day Sunday 12 February 2023 is the public day. NZKA members can free fly at the same venue on Saturday 11th February 2023.

Otaki Beach Kite Festival. Weekend of 18th & 19th February 2023. NZKA members need to register for the event by contacting Kirsty at the Otaki Promotions Group. The NZKA AGM will be held during this event. More details later.

Kite Day in Whanganui All go for weekend of 25th & 26th (public day) February 2023. Contact Geoff Campbell for further information.



Important Info.

A yellow background means events are organised or sanctioned by the NZKA and therefore NZKA members are covered by the NZKA public liability insurance.
An orange background means events may have NZKA members participating and/or working with the organisers but they are not covered by NZKA public liability insurance.
A red background means that an event is being planned but has not yet been confirmed

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